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What can you find on SlotsMate’s Top Online Slots Blog?

As you can see, we provide a variety of articles on the topic of slots, all of which are meant to be equally interesting and informative. Here are the main types of articles you can expect to find here on our Blog Page: 

  • News Articles. Through our news articles, we aim to bring you the latest scoop from the online gambling industry, highlighting important collaborations or other important events that we believe are relevant and interesting to learn about.

  • In-Depth Guides. Through our in-depth guides, we dive deep into slot-related topics (such as, for instance, slot features and winning strategies) and explore them into great detail, providing useful information that is backed up by solid research and handy examples. 

  • Interviews. Through our interviews, we try to get in touch with important people from the online gambling industry and get their opinions and insights on major topics, as well as chat with them about their career paths, behind-the-scenes tips and plans for the future.

  • Upcoming Slots Recaps. Through our upcoming slots recaps, we present a select few new slots from the upcoming month, so that players can get an idea of what to expect and be ready to start spinning as soon as they are released. 

  • Individual Slot Releases. Through our articles that focus on individual slot releases, we aim to highlight new slots that stand out in one way or another and require a more in-depth introduction than those in our upcoming slots recaps.

  • Slot Tops. Through our slot tops, we look at a select number of slots that are considered the best in a particular category, such a casino software or theme, thus offering players the opportunity to check out the top choices depending on their interests. 

  • Slot of the Month Highlights. Through our Slot of the Month highlights, we select one slot per month that has captured our attention and which deserves a special presentation to justify our choice. 


Final thoughts 

We believe that knowledge is power, which is why our Top Online Slots Blog is updated on a regular basis to provide you with new, interesting articles about slot machines and related topics. Our intention is to be the best, most reliable source of online gambling information, where you can always come to learn something new and improve your strategy to win at slot machines!

What’s more, you can put the information gathered here to good use on our Real Money Slots page, where you’ll find a large list of casinos where you can play slots with real cash once you’ve tried them for free here on SlotsMate