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Retrigger Slots are quite common but they sure are fun, profitable and highly favored by all kinds of gamblers. You can find some of the most popular Retrigger Slots right here on SlotsMate, including Playtech’s Buffalo Blitz or NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2

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A slot retrigger is one of those nice features that will boost your wins during a Free Spins round. Although they’re not as common during the base game, the retriggers are a nice way to keep the players engaged. 

So how do they work? Well, once you have landed the necessary number of Scatters to trigger a Free Spins round, the bonus will begin. And if during these free spins you land another (usually) 3 Scatters, you will get more free spins, besides the ones that are already active. So you can see why a retrigger slot machine can be more desired by players than one that doesn’t have this feature. 

Retrigger NetEnt Dead or Alive 2




In theory, you will keep retriggering spins for as long as you land the necessary number of Scatters. In practice, you will most likely not be able to retrigger an infinite amount of spins. Most of the video slots that have this feature will limit it to 5-10 more free spins. We don’t want to discourage you but the odds of indefinite retriggering are quite low. 



Besides the fun and excitement, a slot machine with retrigger will save you money in the long run. As you most likely know by now, the Free Spins will only start when you land a certain number of Scatters, at a certain bet. 

So if you’ve placed a wager of $2 and manage to get 20 free spins at a certain point, you will save a good $40 in bets. And if you retrigger some more free spins, you will manage to earn way beyond your base bet. 



If you want to increase your chances at a slot machine retrigger, mind your coin size. When the free spins start, they will be played with the same bet amount you used when you triggered them. 

So the bigger your bet, the more cash you’ll earn during the Free Spins. Just think about it. You found an amazing retrigger slot machine and with the retriggers, you managed to get 50 free spins! Would you like these spins to go for a base bet of just 1p?



1. What is a slot retrigger?
A slot retrigger happens during the Free Spins when you land a certain number of Scatters. Since they can’t trigger a second Free Spins round, they will add to your current number of spins.
2. What does retrigger on a slot machine mean?
Retrigger on a slot machine means that you’ll be able to up the number of Free Spins you earn. Simply land a certain number of Scatters and enjoy your free games.
3. Are the retrigger slots profitable?
Yes, the retrigger slots can be extremely profitable. That’s because they will save you loads of money on bets in the long run, while earning you even more wins during the Free Spins.
4. Can I play retrigger slots on my mobile?
Yes, retrigger slots can also be enjoyed on your mobile phone. Check out our Mobile Slots page for a full list of such slots.
5. Can I play retrigger slots for free?
Yes, retrigger slots can be played for free for as long as you prefer. However, once you get the hang of a particular slot and wish to upgrade your gaming experience, we suggest giving real money slots a chance as well.