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Sep 5, 2019

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Hugo's Adventure Slot Game Review

Play n Go Hugo s Adventures online casino slot
Hugo's Adventure is a recent video slot that has been released into the market from the house of Play n' Go. The game features a brilliant mix of characters that are not only cute but cartoonish as well. Even though such features were already present in the earlier Hugo's Adventure titles such as Hugo 2 or Don Croco, the current title that we have on our hands is a mixture of elaborate game design and polished features that make for a bespoke gameplay experience.

How to Play the Hugo's Adventure Slot Game
Playing Hugo's Adventure is like just another slot game - if you’ve played one in the past, then you’ll be right at home with this one. The game currently supports 10 active lines along with 5x3 reels .You can set a bet between $0.10 and $100. You need to select the total amount before you plan to play on any round. The choice needs to be made from the betting options that the game will provide to you, at the bottom of your playable screen surface.

The overall prizes are pretty interesting as well. The top reward for this game is capped at 5000 times your betting value. Therefore, you cannot complain much as the jackpot is up to $500,000, which the game is successfully delivering to you. Furthermore, you have to take care of the high volatility of this game, as with every slot game where the payout is so much higher. As mentioned earlier, the RTP is at around 96%. The game can currently be played on both mobile as well as desktops.

Hugo’s Adventure Slot Game Features

Play n Go Hugo s Adventures online slot gameplay

  •  Symbols

Keep in mind that the Airplane will act as the game’s scatter and when it will land on the reels, i.e. in 1, 3 and 5, you’ll have the option to trigger or exercise the Air-Ace option along with the supported nine free spins. You’ll not only be earning lives but also subsequently losing them on the way as well. It will all depend on whether you hit Air Mines or obtain Balloons. Another thing that makes the free games different from the base game is the support for the Flying Wild. This is a wild symbol that will mainly be present on the left side of the game - one on each reel.

  • Paylines

The maximum amount of payout supported by the pay lines is 5,000 times the original betting amount. When it comes to Free Spins, you can only obtain 20 of them, at most. After the 20 Free Spins, you will also be greeted with a bonus game, known as Underwater Adventure.

  • Themes

You will be greeted with a steady set of characters, which are slightly borrowed from the games earlier in the series. Apart from the regular cartoon-styled game characters, you will see images of the Royals and Airplanes. You can easily spot the usual style and looks that you've seen in the previous games of the series. Moreover, the art style also looks cute and is mainly ocean and animal-themed.  

  • Other Relevant Characteristics

One of the most important random features that you can enjoy in Hugo’s Adventure is that on obtaining Balloons, you can enjoy 2x multipliers. These Balloons will be landing in different positions and they can combine to form 16x multipliers - on a single combo. On reaching the bonus game, i.e. Underwater Adventure, you will be greeted with its own scatter symbols in the 2nd and 4th reel. You can even find scatters at the end of free spins. If you have enough lives, you can enjoy up to 5x multipliers.

Play Hugo’s Adventure Slot Game for Real Money
There's no denying that Hugo's Adventure has been a worthy sequel to its series of amazing games, released in the past. It has high payouts combined with high volatility too. You also get to enjoy cute looking cartoon-styled game characters, like the previous games in the series.

The top payout includes a massive 5000 times the amount you generally bet on - in simpler terms, it is $500,000. The highest RTP setting for the slot is set at almost 96.53 percent. 

If you're a fan of the beautiful art design and cartoon-styled graphics, then this game deserves a try. You can always try out your luck in the beginning and once you start to get a hold of the game's mechanics, then you can look out for higher payouts by playing with real money.