Free Oriental Theme Slots

With such a rich culture to take inspiration from, it’s no wonder why oriental slots are so popular. This theme includes the beloved Asian inspired games but is not only limited to those. When you play oriental slots, you will travel all the way to lush Arabia, India or even Thailand. All that right from the comfort of your own home. 

If you were looking for some amazing oriental slots, you found the right place. On this page, we’ve put together all the oriental themed slots on our website. You can browse them by Newest or by Most Popular, as per your preference. 

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What Defines an Oriental Slot?

Oriental slots borrow heavily from the culture and aesthetics of Asia and Africa. The visuals are almost always fun and colorful, evoking perfectly both the mystery and luxury of these lands. There’s a certain warmth to these slots, thanks to the color palette - you will see lots of red, gold, sand-yellow and even sunset orange. 

As for the symbols, you will see lots of precious gems and jewels, exotic animals, beautiful buildings and even creatures from myth. Oriental theme slots are rich in features and multipliers, making for the perfect escape to a completely new land. 

Oriental Slots Developers

Oriental slots are very popular amongst gamblers everywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just a newbie, you will find yourself fascinated by these worlds. Luckily, you will find such slots in the catalogues of almost every developer, big and small. The best oriental themed slots we’ve played came from Red Tiger Gaming. They combine both stunning visuals and engaging gameplay into an unforgettable experience. 

Another two studios that managed to impress us with their oriental slots are Zeusplay and Ganapati. These are not names you’d hear on a daily basis but they sure built a reputation of quality and entertainment. 

Best Oriental Slots

There are so many good oriental slots on the market you won’t know which one to choose. Fear not, we’ve put together a list of some of the best oriental themed online slots you can find on our website. These have been enjoyed over and over again by our users so we’re sure you’ll like them too. 

10001 Nights by Red Tiger Gaming

10001 Nights is one of those slots that catches your eye with its stunning visuals and keeps you engaged with its exciting features. So travel to the fabled Arabian land and become the next rich sultan. You’ll have Mega Wilds, Free Spins and even some mini-games on the side. On top of that, you can even win 10001x your total bet. You can definitely see why this slot took the top spot on our list. 


10001 Nights


Arabian Dreams by Zeusplay

Arabian Dreams is another slot that takes place in Alladin’s land. But this one is more light hearted and cartoonish, perfectly evoking that cute Disney feeling. You have some cute camels on the reels, an adorable fat sultan and even more features - Wilds, Free Spins and even a bonus mini-game. It’s the perfect slot for when you just want to relax. 


Arabian Dreams


Japanese Mask by Ganapati

We’ll be travelling to ancient Japan this time to play Japanese Mask. This slot celebrates a beautiful Japanese tradition that’s still celebrated to this day. This slot looks like a theatre play and we absolutely love it. And when you add features such as the Tengu Wild and the Bonus Round, you have the perfect oriental slot. 


Japanese Mask


Why Play Oriental Slots?

Oriental slots will provide the perfect escape. You’ll be visiting enchanted lands, full of mystery and riches right from the comfort of your own couch. If you come across an oriental slot that you just can’t get enough of, we recommend you head over to our Real Money Slots section and upgrade your experience.