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Autoplay is one of the most common and the most useful features found in slot games nowadays. As the name suggests, this feature essentially enables you to let the game do the spinning for you. In an effort to make their gameplay less repetitive and more fun, many slots have incorporated autoplay as a standard feature. Pragmatic Play’s Money Mouse, NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings and NetGame’s Wild Buffalo are just a few of the many popular slots with Autoplay currently available on the market.


Listed below you’ll find all 7259 Autoplay slots you can enjoy right now here on SlotsMate. The list can be filtered by game software and sorted by most recently added slots or best online slots, depending on your personal preferences. All that’s left for you to do is browse it and pick something you think you’d enjoy. 

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Autoplay is a pretty simple feature to wrap your mind around. It is meant to eliminate the repetitiveness from the spinning process and essentially help you get to the fun stuff faster. Most slots include this feature and it can be very easily identified on the main screen, as it is usually located next to the main Spin button. Depending on the slot, this feature can be customized to different degrees. Most slots will allow you to set a certain number of auto-spins, but not all will also enable you to set win or loss limits (basically telling the game to stop spinning the reels when you’ve lost or won a certain amount). Below you can see how autoplay can be customized in the Money Mouse slot by Pragmatic Play.

Autoplay Settings Money Mouse Slot


At first, the Autoplay feature may seem the most convenient feature in the world. After all, it gives you plenty of action with minimal input. You can multitask while the reels spin by themselves and just watch the prizes add up. If it’s bonus features you’re after, then Autoplay can prove to be a useful ally. Automated spins speed up the game and such features can be triggered way faster than normal. Autoplay can also be turned on while playing your favorites on the go, like on your mobile phone for example and it works just as well when you’re playing slots for real money. 

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages to this feature. For starters, speeding up your gameplay also means that you might miss out on some really cool animations or effects, and sometimes even bonus features that require player input. Autoplay is also a bad idea if you want to implement any kind of betting strategy and thus change your stakes along the way. It can also prove draining to your balance, as these automated spins are by no means free-of-charge. Since you’re not the one doing the spinning manually, you can easily overlook this aspect and end up spending more than intended during a gaming session. 

All in all, Autoplay is a convenient feature you can certainly benefit from in most slot games. It comes with its limitations, but it can also prove extremely satisfying, as it helps you trigger bonus features and score big wins with minimal effort. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can venture out to our Real Money Slots page and see how the Autoplay feature works in your favor when you’re playing with actual money. The excitement will be at an all-time high, that we promise!