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Advertiser Disclosure

SlotsMate Editorial
By SlotsMate Editorial
Jan 21, 2022

SlotsMate offers user-generated casino and game reviews that help our users make informed financial decisions. 

We are an independent advertising company that offers support and reviews free of charge. It’s important to note that we do not promote any form of underage gambling. We instead encourage and promote responsible gambling for people over the age of 18. 

What we aim to do is offer our visitors an extensive collection of online casinos, bonuses, and games, while always taking into consideration our core principles when partnering up with an operator. 


Responsibility, transparency, and accuracy are the key attributes that define us. 

Our Transparency Statement

Advertiser Disclosure

We are not a gambling operator. SlotsMate’s purpose is purely informational.

That’s why we always take extra steps to ensure our content is as accurate and transparent as possible. It’s important to us that we offer actionable advice and encourage responsible gambling through our content. 

SlotsMate offers access to platforms that offer gambling services. However, our main goal is to ensure that before they access those platforms, our users are as informed as they can be. We do not offer actual financial or legal advice. 

While we do offer some guidelines, SlotsMate users are always responsible to carry out their own research and meet all the age and regulatory requirements before signing up for any of the casinos listed. 


The slot ratings and the casino reviews are generated by the users. They do not reflect the opinion of the site owner, affiliates, or licensors. They are purely subjective and only reflect the users’ opinions. 

Why Trust Us?

Why trust us

First and foremost, we only recommend casinos that are safe and secure for our users to play at. All the casinos that we collaborate with are licensed by the appropriate third parties for fairness and security. You will never find blacklisted casinos on SlotsMate.

In addition to that, we will never provide false information. The game reviews are written from an objective POV and the different ratings all come from our actual users. For an extra layer of transparency, please note that we will never delete negative reviews left by users on online casinos. 

As an affiliate website, SlotsMate receives financial compensation when users click certain links on our site. A casino’s exposure on the website can be influenced by certain criteria, but we always strive to sort the casinos and bonuses based on our users’ preferences. 

Please note

We only enter financial partnerships with operators that share our core values. We also have strict requirements in place that they have to comply with. This helps us ensure transparency and trust between ourselves and our users and partners. 

Our slot reviews and ratings can be used by our visitors as “guidelines” for choosing gambling platforms and games.  Even though we have a large casino database, the users still need to invest time into research to ensure that they understand the implications of online gambling entirely. 

Since our content is mainly focused on online slots, we test the games and create thorough reviews, helping you get a better idea of how the slot works. You can check out our article on the truth about slots to learn how online slot games are configured and discover your real advantages as a player.

On top of that, we are always looking for ways to raise and improve awareness regarding gambling addiction and staying under control. We put together guides and materials that aim to help people with this problem. Please visit our Safe Gambling page for more information.

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