Slots with Colossal Reels

Slots with colossal reels are not all that common, but they sure are fun, profitable and an all-time favorite for experienced gamblers. You can find some of the most popular colossal reels slots right here on SlotsMate, such as Gameplay Interactive’s Nation Double Play and Play n GO’s Cash Pump. Below you’ll find listed all 13 slots with colossal reels currently available here on SlotsMate.  The list can be sorted as per your preferences. You can choose to see the newest slots first by clicking on Newest or the most popular slots by selecting Top Rated.  

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Slots with colossal reels were first introduced to land-based casinos in Vegas and then all over the US, but over time, they have become available in many online casinos as well. Colossal reels are most commonly associated with WMS (or Williams Interactive), the first game developer that incorporated this feature in their slots.

As opposed to other special features found in slot games, colossal reels are instantly recognizable. The visual distinction lies in the fact that slots with colossal reels come in a larger format, with two sets of reels, usually a 5x4 reel set side-by-side a 5x12 Colossal Reels set. Below you can see this layout illustrated by WMS’ slot Giants Gold

WMS Giants Gold Slot Reels


Colossal reels slots come with their own unique feature and that’s the transferring wilds. These work just like standard wild symbols, in that they can transform into almost any other symbols on the reels, except for scatters. The difference is in how these wilds spread across the reels. Once they appear on the main reels, they will also transfer (or rather be duplicated) to the other reels (the colossal reels). 

Transferring wilds have the potential to trigger massive wins, which is why they’re usually designed to not appear too frequently. Regardless, they add value and excitement to any slot game and might keep you spinning the reels for quite some time. 


Practically speaking, more reels means more ways to win (at least 100 paylines)! With the added bonus of the transferring wilds feature, slots with colossal reels can be a real game-changer for gamblers who want to take their gaming adventure to a whole new level. Not only can they be extremely rewarding, but they also create an exciting experience for many people who enjoy playing on a larger scale.


For the more financially cautious players, this type of slots might not be the best idea. Playing slots with colossal reels implies large scale betting, which might prove financially draining for some. Since it is more of a high-maintenance style of online gambling, it can be considered a niche option. 



All in all, slots with colossal reels may have revolutionized the slot games industry. They can be an exciting choice for adventurous gamblers who like to play on a larger scale and enjoy unique features such as transferring wilds. Most importantly, they have the potential to be extremely rewarding. But don’t take our word for it, give one a spin and see for yourself! 

Colossal Reels Slots FAQs

Are slots with colossal reels profitable?

Yes, slots with colossal reels can be extremely profitable. That’s due to the larger number of reels available in the game and also due to the transferring wilds feature. 

Can I play slots with colossal reels on my mobile device?

Yes, slots with colossal reels can also be enjoyed on your mobile phone. Check out our Mobile Slots page for a full list of such slots.

Can I play slots with colossal reels for free?

Yes, slots with colossal reels can be played for free for as long as you prefer. However, once you get the hang of a particular slot and wish to upgrade your gaming experience, we suggest giving real money slots a chance as well. 

What are some of the best slots with colossal reels?

Some of the most popular slots with colossal reels available here on SlotsMate are Playtech’s Sunset Beach and WMS’ Lil Red