Slots with Wild Symbols

As far as special symbols in slot games go, wilds rank pretty high. That’s because they’re highly lucrative and a lot of fun to play with. More and more slot games nowadays include wilds, such as NetGame’s Hit in Vegas, 1x2 Gaming’s The Da Vinci Device and Capecod Gaming’s Tuareg. Down below you’ll find listed all  7791 slots with wild symbols currently available for play here on SlotsMate. You can find the newest slots to the list if you use the Newest filter or the highest-ranking slots if you click on Top Rated. 

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Slot games with wild symbols are some of the most sought after slots on the market nowadays. The reason gamblers enjoy them so much is simply that wilds help them complete more winning combinations.  These slots also generally offer fun gameplay, huge profits, and dazzling animations. 

The wild is like a blank piece in a game of Scrabble. It can essentially transform into almost any other symbol on the reels, except the scatter, which makes it extremely versatile and valuable for players. Some wilds are high-paying symbols on their own but most of them pop up on the reels just to help players complete winning paylines. They appear randomly and there’s no way to predict or control their appearance. 



Slots have evolved to feature a number of different types of wilds, such as the shifting, stacking or expanding ones. Depending on their behavior, these wilds can award smaller or bigger prizes.

  • Sticky wilds 

These are the most popular and usually the most rewarding type of wilds. Sticky wilds stay in place during a series of spins, which means more chances for winning paylines. If they appear during a free spins round, which is common, they will remain “stuck” until the round is completed. You can see sticky wilds in action in BetSoft’s Mamma Mia! slot below.
Sticky Wilds

  • Shifting wilds 

They are similar to the sticky ones, except they move horizontally across the reels until they disappear completely. Arguably less rewarding than the sticky ones, the shifting wilds can still help you complete many winning paylines. Spinomenal’s Divine Forest, pictured below, is a great example of a slot with shifting wilds.

Shifting Wilds

  • Stacked wilds

Stacked wilds appear multiple times on a single reel, sometimes filling it up. They are very common among video slots. Their winning potential is proportional to the space they cover on the reels. You can play around with stacked wilds in the IGT’s Western Belles slot.

Stacked WIlds

  • Expanding wilds

This type of wilds expand to cover an entire reel. They’re not only extremely profitable but they also usually come with great animations. A great slot where you can see expanding wilds in action, as well as admire the beautiful animations that come with them is 1x2 Gaming’s slot Sherlock’s Casebook.

Expanding Wilds

  • Multiplier wilds

If you’re extra lucky, you’ll come across a slot where wilds also double as multipliers. That means that your winnings can get doubled, tripled or multiplied by a larger figure. The winning potential of this type of wild is huge. Below you’ll find pictured Play n GO’s Tower Quest slot, which features multiplier wilds. 

Multiplier Wilds

  • Reel specific wilds

Reel-specific wilds may be the least rewarding of the bunch, but they are still fun and valuable. These will only appear on certain reels and complete winning paylines from that position. In Red Rake Gaming’s slot Magic Wilds, pictured below, you’ll find this type of wilds perfectly illustrated. 

Reel Specific Wilds



All in all, wilds have proved to be one of the most fun and lucrative features found in slot games. Their winning potential depends on their behavior, like how much space they take up on the reels or how much time they stay in place once they appear. No matter the case, a slot featuring wild symbols will always be more profitable than one without. On the visual side, wilds also bring value to slot games because they usually come with brilliant animations that match the slot’s overall theme. 



What is a Wild symbol in slot machines?

A Wild symbol is an icon that will substitute for any other symbol on the reels to help you form a winning combination. Think about it as the Joker in a classic card game. However, keep in mind that a Wild can’t replace bonus symbols or Scatters.
What do Wild symbols look like?
There’s no set pattern for Wild symbols. Graphically, they’re different from the other icons. Some even have “Wild” written on them to help you better identify them. They come in many shapes and forms, usually related to the game’s theme and design. 
What are the types of Wild symbols?
There are several types of Wilds, each with its own added bonus. Some slots might feature Random Wilds, while others come with Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Sticky Wilds or Walking Wilds. It all depends on the developer and the type of game. Some high volatility slots may even come with more than two types of Wilds.
Can I play slots with Wild symbols for free?
Yes, you can play slots with Wild symbols for free for as long as you please. And once you get the hang of a specific slot and want to upgrade your experience, you may head over to our Real Money Slots section. There, you will find a list of the best online casinos that you can choose from. You can even benefit from some attractive welcome bonuses so you can have even more fun!
What is the oldest slot machine symbol?
While the Wild symbol is relatively recent, the oldest symbols are the horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and bells. They were featured on the first land-based slot machines and can be considered the oldest symbols.