Best Payout Slots (Highest RTP Slot Machines)

Our Best Payout Slots directory counts 396 titles which managed to establish themselves as the highest paying, from all the real money online slot machines available worldwide. In order to obtain this ranking, we take the Return To Player - or slot payback percentages - from all the pokies on our website (which can be found not only here, but on their individual review pages as well), and use it to establish a hierarchy, with the highest RTPs slots at the top.

Even if we’re discussing the slot machines with the best odds of winning, we still want you to be able to try them out for free first. For that reason, we’ve put together this list containing the 396 highest payout slot machines which require neither registration nor deposits to be played. The list is sorted by RTP, with the highest ones at the top, but you can always opt to organize it by top rated or newest. You’ll notice that you can opt for either a list or a grid view of these slots, but regardless of your preference, you’ll still be able to see the game’s payout percent and player-generated score.

You’ll notice that the best payout slots come from a multitude of software providers, from NetEnt, Betsoft, and Playtech to Spadegaming. You can use the filter tool to display only the games belonging to a particular studio, making the search for those perfect pokies much easier!

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Each slot machine is meant to return a certain percentage of the wagered money to players, in the form of winnings. A more common name for the concept, which might sound familiar to you, is RTP (Return To Player). How does it work? Well, let’s say we have a slot with an RTP of 95%. This means that for every $100 wagered, you’ll get back $95 on average. Now, of course, you might not get close to these results during your gambling session, as the number is calculated by taking into account millions, if not billions of spins. Keep in mind that “loose slots” will always have a higher RTP.

To better understand how Return To Player works, we recommend watching the video below. Not only will it provide an in-depth explanation, but it will also showcase actual examples, both of how the percentage is calculated, as well as for the code and mechanisms behind slots machines:



When it comes to slot machine odds, there are a number of factors which influence the final outcome. We will be discussing the major ones below:

  • House Edge: The term is used for the money which ends up with the casino at the end of a gambling session, and it’s the opposite of RTP. For example, if a certain slot has RTP of 95%, the remaining 5% is what the gambling website gets to keep. In the long round, these seemingly low amounts are what keeps the casino above the water and thriving.
  • Volatility: This is mostly related to the pay rate. The higher the volatility, the lesser times will a spin result in a winning combination. If a slot machine’s pay rate is high, the winnings amount will be lower and, alternatively, when it’s low, you’ll most likely get much more credits. You should take this into account when deciding whether you’d like a high-risk spinning session or one with smaller, steadier winnings.
  • Hit Frequency: Is the probability of hitting a winning combination, and does not take into account the amount at stake. Simply put, if you’re betting on a single payline, you’ll win once in a certain amount of spins, but if you opt for multiple paylines, you’ll get smaller winnings more often. In the end, the percent is the same in both cases. This can sometimes give you the impression that you’re on a lucky streak, but you might be putting in more money than you’re getting out on each spin.


You can enjoy any best payout slot machine without having to miss those fun features you’re used to. Whether we’re talking bonus rounds, free spins, or progressives, there are plenty of high paying pokies where you’ll find these. To find them, simply browse through our directory and pick whichever free slot happens to catch your eye.



Once you’ve tried out all the top paying slots for free and got familiar with them, you might feel ready to play at real money casinos. If so, we invite you to check out our Real Money Slot Machines page, which brings 1458 online gambling websites in one place. You’ll notice that each of them has a rating, which represents our players’ community opinion, a list of software providers and, of course, the welcome package. Should you require more information, check out the casino’s review page and don’t forget that, if you already found a new favorite slot, you’ll find a short list of sites where it’s available right below the game window, on its dedicated page.



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