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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games out there. As you can guess, it won’t be hard to find dedicated blackjack online tables at any casino. While the multitude of options is great, it can be quite confusing for a newcomer to find the perfect blackjack table to play at. Worry not, that’s why we’re here. In this article, we’ll be guiding you through everything blackjack-related so you can make the best choice. Let’s go!

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What Is Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is a popular card game found in all casinos from all over the world - both land-based and online. It’s a relatively easy game to learn and on top of that, it also has some of the best odds. Blackjack games are usually played with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 decks of cards. If you consider yourself good at counting, this game is definitely for you. 

Playing blackjack online is a completely different experience from playing in a land-based casino. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to both but in general, more and more people prefer to gamble online.

Online Blackjack

Why Should I Play Blackjack Games Online?

There are many solid reasons why you should play blackjack online. The digital medium brings more flexibility, along with some unique features. Let’s see what are some of the advantages of playing blackjack online!

  • It’s more convenient. When you choose to play blackjack online, you’ll be playing in a more convenient way. You can play it on the go, you can play it from your couch, you can play it while you’re waiting in line - there’s literally no place where you can’t play blackjack online. The best online casinos offer you access to mobile online blackjack for real money from wherever you are.

  • Better bonuses. Playing blackjack at an online casino means you’ll take advantage of some amazing bonuses too. You won’t get a welcome bonus or first deposit bonus in a land-based casino. An online blackjack casino will give you goodies and bonuses to make sure your experience is as good as possible.

  • Better privacy. When you play any kind of casino game online, you will get to enjoy an increased level of privacy. You have your own space and you can focus on the game and play it at your pace. 

  • A more controlled environment. While some gamblers love the noise and excitement of a land-based casino, some players might prefer to take their time and play in silence or listen to their own music. When you play online, you have a greater degree of control over the environment you’re playing in.

Blackjack Basics

At the beginning of every blackjack game, you and the other players are each given two cards. The dealer will keep two cards for themselves as well. After that, you will start drawing cards and you can draw as many as you want, as long as the sum is under (or close to) 21. Every time you want to pull a card from the deck, you’ll have to let the dealer know by giving the command “Hit me”.

If you reach 21, you get a blackjack and an instant win. If you go over 21, you lose and you’re bust. There is also the middle option - called standing - where you can choose to stop before you reach 21 if you’re not confident enough in your hand. After you stand, the dealer will draw two cards. If they go bust, you win. If you both have the same value in hand, it’s a push. If this happens, both you and the house will have the money returned.

There are other ways in which you can win a game of blackjack, however:

  • Reach 21 before the dealer does;

  • Have more points than the dealer without going over 21;

  • Make sure you always have more points than the dealer;

  • The dealer themselves goes over 21.

Blackjack Rules

Online Blackjack General Rules

Because online blackjack gambling is different from the real-life one, there are a few particularities to it. In this section, we’ll be covering some general rules you have to know when playing blackjack at an online casino.

  1. Choose and join a table. During this first step, you’ll be “seated” at the blackjack table. Once everyone else is ready, everyone is dealt two face-up cards. The dealer will also get two cards, one face-down and one face-up.

  1. Make a decision. Calculate the value of the cards in your hand, as well as the ones held by the dealer. You will have to figure out if you can get as close as possible to 21 without going bust. 

    1. Hit. You can ask for the dealer to hit you if you’re absolutely sure the next card won’t have you going bust. 

    2. Stand. If you’re too close to 21, you can ask the dealer to move on to the next player and give you no more cards. 

  1. Hand value. Depending on the move you’ve just made, you’ll have a new hand value. If your hand is valued at 21 or less, you will remain in the game. 

  1. Dealer shows their cards. The dealer will reveal their cards after every player has made their decision. 

  1. See if you’ve won. If your hand is 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer’s, you win. If the dealer is closer to 21 than you are, the house wins. The dealer will then pay your winnings depending on the type of bet you’ve made. 

Blackjack Bets and Odds

The amount of money you win when playing free blackjack games for fun depends on the bet you’ve placed. There are a few common side bets in blackjack, each with different odds. Let’s take a look at the table below!

Bet Type

Bet Description



Cover yourself against Blackjack if the dealer has an ace face up.


Perfect Pairs

Mixed pair: You’re dealt two cards of the same value.


Colored pair: You’re dealt two of the same value and same color.


Perfect pair: Two of the same card.



All cards are suited.



All cards are consecutive. 


3 of a Kind

Not the same suit.


Straight Flush

Consecutive cards in the same suit.


Suited Triple

Three of the same card.


Blackjack Online Strategy

The card counters are very rare. They’re extremely skilled and know all the odds and quirks of blackjack. Most players, however, simply don’t have the time or the patience to learn everything about blackjack. We know that and that’s why we’ve put together this short list of tips and tricks to help you get better at any free blackjack games you might play.

  1. Learn the basics. Naturally, you won’t even be able to play if you don’t know how the game works. Learn the right ways to hit, split, stand and double down. If you master the basics, you’ll increase your winning chances.

  1. Don’t split tens. Unless you have two tens, always split a pair. Beginners will always feel tempted to split their tens because they feel like they can make a blackjack or have two high hands when finishing. But since you’ve already got a strong hand, don’t split your tens. The dealer might get lucky and you could lose it all.

  1. Stand on hands like 12 or 13. When you start with a hand like 12 or 13, you shouldn’t take another one. It’s best to stand in these situations because even though you know your hand, you still don’t know the dealer’s full hand.

  1. Double down at 11. The perfect opportunity for you to double down is when you have a starting hand of 11. When you’re holding a hand of 11, there’s a chance your next card could be a 10, helping you finish with a perfect 21. 

  1. Only bet what you can afford to lose. This tip applies for both blackjack and any other casino game. Always bet the money you can afford to lose because let’s face it - gambling is not 100% winning. For example, if you have a budget of $300 gambling money, don’t bet $35 for each blackjack hand. You’ll be out of money before you know it. 

Play Free Blackjack Games for Fun

To become good at a game, you have to try it out and understand its rules first. That’s why we recommend you try some free blackjack games from our list. You’ll be able to develop a viable strategy and familiarize yourself with the different types of blackjack without risking real money.

SlotsMate’s comprehensive list of blackjack games includes titles from incredible developers. Over the years, they gained the trust and respect of players everywhere. Naturally, every game on this page is high quality and fun. You can play blackjack games from studios such as Pragmatic Play, MicroGaming or Amazing Gaming. You can also check out our full list of online casino software providers for more titles.

Casino Games Blackjack

Get Started with the Best Blackjack Bonuses

Any online blackjack casino will offer some sort of bonus to their players. However, you have to understand what these bonuses are and how they work before you can claim one. After reading this section, feel free to head over to our Real Money Slots section and choose your favorite bonus.

  1. Deposit Casino Bonus. With a deposit bonus, you will be required to make a deposit in order to claim it. This type of bonus is also known as a match bonus and is usually awarded as a percentage of your deposit amount. 

  2. No Deposit Casino Bonus. As the name suggests, this bonus is awarded without you having to make a deposit. These bonuses are also known as free bonuses and are quite common. However, since they’re basically free, they’re also smaller and have more strict wagering requirements.

  3. Free Game Casino Bonus. This type of bonus is the rarest of them all. Usually, it’s awarded when a casino wants to promote a new game. You will either get a set of free spins (in the case of a slot), or some cash that you can bet at a blackjack table.

  4. VIP Casino Bonus. Most brand new casinos have a VIP system in place. While it’s easy to get in (all you usually have to do is create your account), reaching the highest level is quite hard. However, the rewards will usually be worth your time and money.

Most Popular Online Blackjack Versions

Besides the classic blackjack, many online casinos will offer different variations of it for their most avid players. The most popular blackjack variations include:

  • Blackjack Surrender. Blackjack Surrender plays out like the original version, except the player can surrender the first two cards they’ve been dealt. If you choose this option, you’ll get back half of your stake.

  • Blackjack Switch. In this variation, you’ll be playing two hands at the same time. After you’ve been dealt the first 4 cards, you have the option to switch the top card from each hand to improve your odds. 

  • Atlantic City Blackjack. This version of blackjack has originated in the Atlantic City casinos and comes with slightly different rules. For example, the dealer can stand on 17, while also checking to see if they’ve got a blackjack. You can also split your cards up to 3 times.

  • European Blackjack. European blackjack uses two decks of cards. You can’t double down and the hole card doesn’t exist. In European blackjack, you can only double down if you have a hand of 9, 10 or 11.

  • Perfect Blackjack. In this version of blackjack, you can make a side bet on whether the dealer or yourself (or both) will be dealt two of the same cards. If the pair of first two cards is perfect, the odds can go up to 25:1.

Play Live Blackjack Games Online

Do you love playing online blackjack but you want a new level of challenge? Do you want to get closer to a realistic, brick-and-mortar casino ambiance? Well, look no further! Because playing blackjack at live casinos is the way to go.

Thanks to the live casino experience, you can feel the rush of an actual Vegas casino. You have a live dealer in front of you, ready to shuffle and deal the cards. Also, thanks to the chat functionality most live blackjack games have, you can interact with other players and get useful tips and tricks to improve your strategy.

Online Blackjack on Mobile

Because the use of mobile devices is rising every day, online casinos had to adapt. Thanks to that, you can now play online mobile blackjack from wherever you are, provided you have a solid internet connection. Some casinos will allow you to play straight from your mobile device’s browser, while others will have apps you can download to play free mobile blackjack. 

Nevertheless, all the blackjack versions, live casino and casino bonuses are all available on your mobile device as well. Some casinos even have exclusive offers for Android and iPhone users so it’s worth checking them out!

History of Blackjack

The origins of blackjack are still not exactly known, but most researchers agree that it probably originated in the French casinos around 1700. Back then, the game was called "Vingt-et-Un", which means “Twenty-One”. Blackjack used to be played at the French Royal Court during the reign of King Louis XV.

Here are also some fun facts about blackjack you can use to impress your gambling friends:

  • The blackjack house edge is less than 1%;

  • Card counting is not illegal;

  • Your strategy can’t be affected by what the other player does;

  • You can’t count cards online;

  • Blackjack is the most popular table game at US casinos.

Are You Ready to Play Blackjack Online?

Knowing all this, you can now start playing for real money. All you have to do is choose one of the casinos in our list and take advantage of the bonuses. And if you find out that blackjack online isn’t really your cup of tea, you can always check out some casinos with no deposit slots. Good luck and have fun!

Blackjack Games FAQ

Can I count cards while playing online blackjack?
Not really. You can try but it’s definitely harder than real life because casinos use continuous shuffle machines that make card counting ineffective. You can count cards during a live dealer blackjack game however.
What is blackjack volatility compared to other casino games?
Compared to other casino games, blackjack has a relatively low volatility. That’s because of the nature of the game which has players actually make decisions based on strategies and careful thinking and planning.
 Are blackjack casinos rigged?
No, the top online blackjack sites cannot be rigged. That’s because they have to go through extensive amounts of testing to get their license. On top of that, if a casino was found guilty of rigging their games, they would lose their customers. It would be a lose-lose situation for both sides.
 Can you make money at blackjack?
Yes, when you play the best online blackjack for real money, you can definitely make some impressive wins. Just learn the rules of the game, know the bet types and come up with a strategy of your own!