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You’ve reached our page dedicated to Asian Theme Slots, which hosts all slots that are inspired by the culture of the Far East. Down below you’ll find all titles that fit into this category, followed by some useful and interesting information about their unique characteristics. We also highlight some of the most popular Asian-themed slots on the market at this moment. The list below can be filtered to show the newest slots first (by clicking on Newest) or the most popular slots first (using the Top Rated button).

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Asian culture is an infinite source of fascination for many people all around the world, so it’s no wonder that numerous game designers have chosen to draw inspiration from it as they develop their products. The theme itself is incredibly diverse, as it essentially encompasses a number of different cultures, such as Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and so on, under the same umbrella term “Asian”. You’ll find games dedicated to martial arts, beautiful Asian architecture, ancient dynasties or adorable creatures, real or mythical.

Asian-themed slots shine through their exotic artwork, usually adorned with flowers or floral patterns or filled with symbols of ancient dynasties. Chromatically, slots that fit within the Asian theme stand out through their rich red, green and gold hues, all of which are traditional colors in Asian culture that symbolize wealth and/or good fortune.

Finally, it’s important to mention that online gambling in Asian countries has grown exponentially in the last several years, so naturally, there’s also a large influx of Asian players discovering and enjoying slots based on their own culture. 


Asian-themed slots are easily recognizable if you’re at all familiar with any aspect of Asian culture. No matter if they depict a samurai fight, a beautiful geisha or an ancient dynasty, they stay true to their theme in that they feature at least one of the most common elements associated with the culture of the Far East. Let’s take a look at what those elements are:

  • Traditional Colors. As mentioned before, red, green or gold are the dominant colors in most Asian-themed slots, and that’s due to their cultural significance. Red is seen as the color of good fortune, green is associated with richness and gold generally symbolizes nobility.
  • Symbols of Asian culture. Naturally, slots inspired by Asian culture include many symbols related to one or more cultures from the Far East. So expect to find anything from dragons and katanas to cherry blossoms and gold treasures. 
  • Traditional Asian soundtrack. Of course, most Asian-themed slots are complete with traditional Asian tunes, which help make the gaming experience more immersive and authentic.


The online slot market is brimming with Asian-themed slots. As they grow more and more in popularity, the demand for them grows, so game developers have to get really creative with their design so that their slots can stand out from the crowd. Below you’ll find a small selection of some of the popular (and visually pleasing) slots powered by renowned software providers.  

  • Panda Panda. As you can probably already tell, This Habanero title is centered around the adorable bear native to China. With bamboo sticks and cherry blossoms all around and a calming traditional Tune playing in the background, Panda Panda is a slot that delivers a truly wholesome gaming experience. 
    Habanero Panda Panda Slot
  • Treasure Horse. Pragmatic Play’s slot is all about wealth and treasures. With a luscious natural scenery in the background, bright reds and greens and many symbols related to Asian culture on the reels, this slot surely captures the spirit of the Far East completely. 
    Pragmatic Play Treasure Horse
  • Pearl of the Orient. Lastly, iSoftBet’s title is unmistakably an authentic Asian slot.  Royal-looking, with a beautiful instrumental tune playing in the background, this game makes one think of old times and ancient Chinese dynasties. 

    iSoftBet Pearl of the Orient Slot


If mobile compatibility is a deciding factor when you’re looking for a slot game, rest easy knowing that you can enjoy all Asian-themed slots on the go just as well as you can on a personal computer. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you’re all set to play your favorite slots on any mobile device of your choice.


You can enjoy all sorts of Asian-themed slots for free here on SlotsMate, but when you’re ready to take your gaming experience to a whole other level, you can open an account with a casino and play for real money instead.


All in all, slots that draw inspiration from the Asian culture are greatly appreciated by veterans and new gambling enthusiasts alike. They are aesthetically pleasing, have beautiful, calming soundtracks and include many symbols of Asian culture that people find fascinating. This means that the popularity these slots currently enjoy will only continue to grow as time goes on.