Online Slot Tournaments

Welcome to our page dedicated to Slot Tournaments, where you’ll learn all you need to know about these competitions, including general rules, terminology and useful tips for creating a win strategy. Practice on some free to play slots first and then sign up for a tournament of your choice!

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Miami Club Casino Monte Magic
ENDS: 11h 26m
STARTS: 3h 56m
ENDS: 2d 3h
2000 + 2000 FS
Lincoln Casino Cleopatras Pyramid II
ENDS: 11h 56m
ENDS: 21h 55m
1500 + 1500 FS
Casino Euro Various Slots
ENDS: 6h 55m
Drake Casino Good Girl, Bad Girl
ENDS: 6h 55m
Videoslots Casino Legacy of Dead
STARTS: 1h 11m
ENDS: 3h 11m
5000 FS
Intertops Casino Monte Magic
ENDS: 10h 26m
STARTS: Closed
2020 + 2020 FS
ENDS: 5d 6h
4000 FS
Sorry, no results were found.

What is a slot tournament?

A slot tournament is a competition that takes place between slots players over a limited amount of time. Usually the player that ends up with the largest number of coins is declared the winner. 

These tournaments used to take place in land-based casinos, but with the emergence of online casinos, most of them have been adapted to both PC and mobile platforms. Online slot tournaments follow similar rules to regular slot tournaments, but they might also add a few rules of their own, such as more flexible time limits. 


How do slot tournaments work? 

Generally, players participate in a slot tournament by playing a certain slot game (or more) over a set amount of time (which can range from 20 minutes to a month!) and seeing how they rank against other players at the end of the competition. The winner is awarded a prize, which can usually be cash, cash and free spins or free spins only.

Some slots tournaments are free, which means they don’t require any money to enter. Others may perceive an entry free, also known as a buy-in. By paying this fee, you contribute to the big prize for the tournament winner. 


Types of tournaments

There are two main types of slot tournaments, depending on their entry requirements: freeroll and buy-in. 

  • Buy-in tournaments. In most cases, you have to pay to play in slot tournaments. These are called buy-in tournaments, because you are literally buying your way into the contest by paying an entry fee. This fee doesn’t give any advantage in the actual tournament, it just allows you access.

  • Freeroll tournaments (or free slot tournaments). Unlike their more common pay-to-play counterparts, freeroll tournaments don’t require an entry fee, which means you can enter the contest free of charge. This gives you the chance to compete for a large prize with zero investment. This type of tournaments can sometimes be part of an online casino's promotional offers, such as a sign-up welcome package, and they last for a shorter amount of time. 


Other types of tournaments you may encounter are:

  • Scheduled tournaments. This is a common type of buy-in tournament, which you have to register and pay for in advance.

  • Comped tournaments. These are exclusive events available only to the loyal customers of a particular casino.

  • Signup freeroll tournaments. As mentioned above, some freeroll tournaments are part of a casino sign-up package. This means that if you open an account with that casino, you are automatically allowed access to a slot tournament.

  • Survivor slot tournaments. This type of slot tournaments is highly competitive and it involves several rounds and elimination phases. As the name suggests, only if you survive / win one phase, you can move on to the next.

  • One-shot tournaments. These slot tournaments are even more competitive than the survivor type. Here, you get one chance to qualify for the next round, and if you don’t, you are out of the competition. 


How to choose a slot tournament? 

Winning a slot tournament may be down to luck, but choosing one is up to you. There are many types of tournaments available right now, and picking the right one for you doesn’t have to be challenging, if you know what you want. Here are some things to consider when looking for a slot tournament: 


  • Availability. Make sure you are available at the time when a slot tournament is scheduled to happen. When you sign up for such a contest, check your own schedule, so you don’t waste your money (in case it requires an entry fee) and a good opportunity. On the other hand, check to see if the slot tournament you choose is available to you and it’s not a VIP event that caters only to premium members of a certain online casino.

  • Entry fee. If you don’t mind spending an extra buck to buy your way into a multiplayer slot contest, then go for it. There are many buy-in tournaments to choose from. If you don’t want to spend any money or it’s your first time participating in a slot tournament, then you’re better off choosing a freeroll tournament.

  • Prizes available. Nobody likes wasting their time or money without getting much in return. If you care about prizes, then you should definitely check what prizes are available for a particular slot tournament and how they are distributed before making your choice. The prizes you can win from slot tournaments are typically money, free spins or both.

  • Rebuy option. Some tournaments offer the rebuy option, which means they allow you to purchase more chips (or credits) if you run out of them. This happens usually early in the tournament, during what is called a rebuy period. Depending on the tournament, you may have a limited or unlimited number of rebuys available. If this is something you’re interested in, look for rebuy tournaments and choose those. 

  • Games included. It’s important that you enjoy playing your slots, particularly during a tournament. So take some time and find out which games will be featured in the contest. Maybe some of them are familiar to you or even among your favorites. Either way, it’s best to know your way around the slots before heading into the tournament.

  • Casino reputation. Last but not least, check the casino’s reputation before you sign up for any tournament on their site. The online casino has to be legit, trustworthy and offer fair terms and conditions. 


Slot tournament strategy - General rules & useful tips

Although they differ from one casino to another, there are a few general principles that apply to most online tournaments.

  • Read the rules carefully. It goes without saying that you should know what you’re getting into when you sign up for a tournament. That’s why it’s crucial to read the rules for every tournament you participate in, because they tend to differ from one another. 

  • Bet as high as you need. Participating in a slot tournament usually means you’re not playing with your own money. Online casinos usually provide you (and all other players) with an allotted budget (or credits). That means that you can bet as high as you want, if you think that will lead to more wins.

  • Concentrate and maintain your pace. Just like you would in a land-based casino tournament, you have to stay focused and keep up the pace while you’re playing. This works best if you’re already somewhat familiar with the slot(s) in the tournament. Examine the paytable, RTP and other factors that you think might influence your final score. You can also check our best payout slots page to see if the game you wish to take the tournament on is featured there.

  • Pick a tournament you can complete. If the slot tournament you’re participating in takes too long, you might get tired or bored of clicking the same button endlessly (particularly if you haven’t had a win in a while). To solve this, make sure you pick a shorter tournament that you know you can finish, without quitting simply because you’re bored. 


How to win a slot tournament?

As we mentioned before, winning a slot tournament is all about luck. Sure, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of winning, all of which we’ve touched upon already.  

The important thing is to finish the tournament at the top of the leaderboard. To do that, you need to pick a tournament, do some research on the rules, prizes and games involved and get started. Stay focused, roll high if you think it helps you and you might just end up getting the big prize! 


Where can I play slot tournaments online? 

A lot of online casinos host slot tournaments on a regular basis. To sign up for any of them, you just need to open an account with that casino and choose a tournament. You can even play mobile casino slot tournaments!

On this page you can find a list of many such online casinos where you can go play slot tournaments. The list includes the name of the casino hosting the tournament, games allowed ( game name, game type), registration start/end date, prizes and entry fee.


Slot Tournaments FAQs

How do I win a slot tournament?
There’s no clear-cut strategy for winning slot tournaments. You can maximize your chances by reading the rules, doing your research and staying focused on the game. 
How do I calculate the odds of winning at a slot tournament?
If you know how many players are participating in the tournament and how many prizes are available, you can easily do the math. If there are, for example, 100 people playing in the tournament and 10 prizes available for the first 10 top-ranking players, then you have a 1 in 10 chance to win one of the prizes and a 1 in 100 chance to win the big prize
How do I practice for an online slot tournament?
You can practice for an online slot machine tournament by playing free online slots. We have a huge list of slots available for free play right here on SlotsMate.

Can online slot tournaments be rigged?

If you choose to play in a slot tournament on a fully regulated and licensed online casino, then you should not have to worry about the tournament being rigged.