Free 777 Theme Slots

777 slots are among the most popular types of slots you can play. They’re such classics that any gambler, old and new, has most likely heard of them. They have their roots in the classic 777 physical machines you’d find in any Vegas casino. But since not everyone can travel to the colorful city of gambling, 777 slots have been made available online. 

And if you were looking for some of the best 777 slots, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, we’ve put together all the best such slots on our website. You can sort by Newest slots or by the best rated ones.

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What Defines a 777 Slot?

The 777 slots are defined by, well, the “lucky sevens” symbol. It usually appears as bright red and is the highest paying one. While they might seem like a great fit for the most seasoned veterans at first, these slots have become true cult classics. Some of these online 777 slots follow the classic formula - they’re simple, old-school and you won’t find any cutting-edge graphics or features.

That’s not to say that there aren’t modern-looking 777 slots though. But usually, they won’t make this symbol the center of the game - it will be one of the highest paying symbols but other than that, it won’t make the whole theme of the slot itself. 


777 Themed Slots Developers

Given the theme, 777 slots are usually best developed by veterans of the industry. Names such as NetEnt or MicroGaming regularly put out quality iGames. That’s not to say that the other names don’t do a great job. You have studios such as Pragmatic Play, Pariplay or Barcrest Games who managed to impress us with some of the best 777 slots we have tried so far. 

Given its status as a classic, the 777 theme is relatively easy to tackle. That’s why you might see thousands of such slots on the market. The real challenge comes with separating the good ones from the mediocre ones. And that’s exactly what we’ll do in the next section. 


Best 777 Slots

To help you get started in the world of 777 slots, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ones you can find on our website. These have been voted to the top by players like you. So we’re sure you’ll also enjoy them.


Dance Party by Pragmatic Play

Dance Party is one of the slots that comes with a 777 symbol but doesn’t focus the theme on it. With its colorful disco theme and catchy music, this slot will have you letting your hair down and busting your best moves. You have a Wild, a Scatter, some Free Spins and a progressive multiplier. So you can see why this one is so loved. 


Dance Party


Epic Riches by Pariplay

Epic Riches takes you all the way to the colorful Vegas, enchants you with its graphics and ultimately conquers your heart with its features. It might seem like a simple slot when you first start playing it but its complexity shines when it comes to the bonuses. It will offer you Wilds, special card symbols and some bonus mini-games to make sure you can get the most out of it.


Epic Riches


7s on Fire by Barcrest Games

Moving on to the classic 777 slots, we have 7s on Fire. This slot brings the authentic Vegas casino experience right on your screen. It looks like an old-timey one-armed bandit, with fruit symbols, bells, stars and the lucky sevens playing a central role. There aren’t many modern features to this but it’s surely some of the best 777 slots you can play if you’re looking for something truly classic. 


7s on Fire


Why Play 777 Theme Slots?

As an avid gambler, you might feel the need sometimes to take a break from modern slots and go back to the roots. 777 slots offer just that - a classic, simple but fun experience you can enjoy in short bursts. 777 slots also offer a good lesson in gambling history - this is exactly what old land-based slots used to look like and it’s always interesting to travel back in time. 

If you’ve got your eyes on any of the slots on this page, you can play it for free, no account or registration required. When you run out of demo cash, we recommend you head over to our Real Money Slots section, choose an online casino and spin to win real cash.