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May 14, 2020

Slot overview

SlotsMate Editorial
Reviewed by SlotsMate Editorial
Jan 04, 2022

Gaming1 Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins Slot Overview

Online slot machines have crossed miles of evolution, cleaving to the hands of technological thrive. Many new incorporations and modifications have approached during this time, leaning its axis towards casino gambling enticements. A tempting adoption among them is infusing free slot games to play online with other popular casino games! So how would you like a title merging the bests of slot machines and blackjack tables?

If this combo is sufficiently appealing to you, the Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot designed by Gaming1 is among the names you should experience at least once. This slot title doesn't showcase any conventional reel set but covers the gaming screen with a blackjack table.  It lets you play four hands together. Hence, it has enough resemblance with Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins Extended slot.

BlackJack Twins and Crazy Twins bet

How to Play the Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins Slot Game

At first sight, you might not recognize it as a free casino slot machine to play online, looking at the green-colored blackjack table the gameplays get conducted on. Gaming controls like Clear, Cancel, and Deal are placed at the screen's center, while the 5 hands are visible at the lower section of the screen. However, you won't find any scarcity in the graphical details of the screen. Besides, incorporating the crowd's cheering and rhythmic music in the background has minutely reinstated the real-life casino environment.

The paytable of Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot conveys values of different blackjack hands in place of traditional slot symbols. Learn more about slot paytables if you are comparably new to playing slots. You can play with 5 available hands with 1 to 25 chips. It's the game of defeating the dealer in terms of hands value without exceeding 21. The Dealer can stand on 17 and draw up to 16. The blackjack can be formed by obtaining 21 with only two cards, which can beat any hand of 21 points that contains more than 2 cards, including the split pair.

But, upon having a hand value of less than 21, you can get additional cards, confirm your hands to beat the dealer or double up your bet along with receiving one last additional card. If your hand's value is over 21, you will lose. Then, the dealer will show their second card and corresponding value and draw another card of 16 points or less to stand at a minimum of 17.

You will win if your final score is nearer to 21 than the dealer or when its hand value exceeds 21. Upon ties, your initial bet will be refunded. You can exercise blackjack moves like Stand, Double, Split, Insurance, and Surrender during this process.

Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins Slot Machine Features

  • The Theme of Blackjack: The table you will wager on is a blackjack table, the chips you will be played with are used in blackjack. Besides, the Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot is run with conventional blackjack rules. Hence, it can be rightfully mentioned as a blackjack game encased by a video slot set up. 
  • Special Symbols: You won’t find any slot symbols in this free online casino game. Instead, combinations and moves like Blackjack, Insurance, Winning Hands offer payouts of 3:2, 2:1, and 1:1. But, if you choose to Standoff, your initial stake would be given back to you.

BlackJack Twins and Crazy Twins paytable

Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins Slot Game Bonus Rounds

Whether the dealer's first card is paired or not and the worth of the first card of your hand – the Twin & Crazy Twins, the side bets of this free casino slot game for fun depend upon, you can win prizes attached to the areas by placing bets on them. The gaming signs are signified by club, diamond, spade, and heart. A pair means two cards of similar values, and a suited pair with 5 means two cards of the same sign, valuing 5.  

  • Twins: After checking your and the dealer's cards, you will receive your winnings straight up if they become a pair. But, the best combination among them will be paid. 
  • Crazy Twins: After checking your and dealer's card, a pair arrives, you will become eligible for Crazy Twins. The winning hand will win the bet. However, only bets on the blackjack hands are suitable for playing the Crazy Twins. 

Alongside, the Crazy Twins also encompasses moves like Split, Standoff, and Surrender.

BlackJack Twins and Crazy Twins rules

Play Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins on Mobile

Gaming1 has made this free online slot game to play now with the technology of HTML5. Hence, it’s equally smooth in modern smartphones as well.

Play Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins for Real Money

If this nicely knotted merger of the most played online casino games teases your gambling craving, visit SlotsMate’s real money section to play this title for real.

Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins FAQ

What is the RTP of side bets in the Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot?
In this Gamiing1 title, Twin’s and Luck Twins RTP are 96.71% and 96.54% simultaneously.
What are the maximum winning possibilities in the Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot?
The maximum winning possibility of Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot is 300x your initial wagered amount.
What is the maximum and minimum bet of the Blackjack Twins and Crazy Twins slot?
This title's maximum and minimum bet are €1.00 and €100.00 simultaneously.