Free Money Theme Slots

Let’s face it - the main reason everyone plays slots is the money. And we can’t blame you for that. Especially when people have changed their lives in just a few spins. But until you become a rich tycoon, these money themed slots are here to simulate that reality.  And, who knows, maybe you will become the next Jeff Bezos after a couple spins.

If you were looking for some of the best money slots, you’ve come to the right place. This page has all the online money slots available on SlotsMate and more! You can even sort them by Newest or by Most Popular, as per your preference. 

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What Defines a Money Slot?

All of the games have one thing in common - money. But besides that, you will also see gold, beautiful women, fast cars, expensive mansions and even private jets. These slots will bring you all the glitz and glam money can buy. The ring of the coins will feel like music to your ears as you spin the reels, pushing you to spin at least one more time. 

One thing is for sure - you won’t find two money slots alike. That’s because despite the common theme, they come with different features and bonuses. You’ll find classic 3-reels money slots with simple coins as symbols. But you will also find complex 3D games with plenty of modern features and animations. 

Money Slots Developers

This theme is a rather popular one amongst gamblers everywhere. Naturally, you’ll find such slots in the catalogues of every developer. But just a few of them managed to grab our attention with their money slots. One of these studios is Eurasian Gaming. They’re one of the top slots developers on the market, always offering some of the best graphics and sounds we’ve encountered. 

They’re closely followed by Realistic Games and RTG, two studios that really impressed us with how much fun their money slots are to play. They made us feel like rich tycoons about to take over the world and we want to share that feeling with you all. 

Best Money Slots

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a Top 3 of the best online money slots you can find on our website. We’re sure you’ll just love them. 

Thug Life by Eurasian Gaming

We open this list with Thug Life, a game that will make you feel like a new school New York gangsta, ready to take over the world. You’ll see pimped out cars, beautiful models and mean dogs that you’ll have to tame. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of ways to do so - Wilds, Scatters and even some Free Spins!

Thug Life


Fireworks Game Changer by Realistic Games

Fireworks Game Changer might seem like a simple classic slot at a first glance. But that’s wrong. Besides the colorful cartoonish graphics, you have plenty of features to keep you company. You have a Wild, a Trail Run, Mix’n Max and even more special symbols that will help you make bank.


Fireworks Game Changer


RTG 777 by RTG

We end the list with one of the classics. RTG 777 is a modern take on the classic one-armed bandits you’d find in an actual Vegas casino. You won’t find many complex features here but that’s exactly why you’ll love it - it’s simple fun, with a pretty high RTP and decent volatility. 


RTG 777


Why Play Money Themed Slots?

Money slots are the perfect way for you to escape the mundane and feel like an all-powerful tycoon. If you come across a money slot that you just can’t get enough of, we recommend you head over our Real Money Slots section to greatly enhance your experience.