Slots with Hold Feature

The Hold Feature is so ingrained in fruit machines that it would be almost impossible to find one that doesn’t have it. These games are usually classic slots, loved and enjoyed by veteran and newbie punters alike. 

Below, you will find all the fruit machines with Hold feature currently available on SlotsMate. You can sort the list as per your preferences. You can sort by newest slots or by the most popular ones.

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When you play any slot machine that comes with this feature, you will notice the three Hold buttons under the reels. When the fruit machine hold feature becomes available, you will see these buttons starting to flash. You can then choose which of the reels to hold in place, based on your judgement or on any strategy you might have devised. 

The reels that you didn’t hold will start spinning, while the one you chose to hold will say in place. Your main goal here should be landing symbols that would be needed to form a winning combo. Naturally, these will have to match the ones on the reel that’s stuck in place.

You won’t be able to hold the reels indefinitely, as the number of holds is limited. Some developers might even have them expire after a certain time so you won’t be able to hoard them.

Hold and Respin




The only certain way to make sure you win at a slot machine hold session is to keep playing and find out how the game itself works. That being said, there is a common time in all slots when you can win by holding the reels. 

We’d say you should hold the reels when you absolutely know you’re going to get a win. Luckily, most of the fruit machines with hold feature come with only one payline. This means there is only one place to form winning combos. 

So if you’ve got a couple of holds to spare, it would be best to hold two reels when they have the same symbols on them. This way, you will increase your chances of landing a lucky symbol on the third.




Obviously, if the slot itself doesn’t come with a bonus round, you won’t be able to benefit from it. But if it does, you might be able to trigger it using the Hold Feature. So, let’s say for example, that the slot machine you’re playing has a Free Spins round. And let’s say that it needs 3 Scatters to start. Once you get two Scatters, you can go ahead and hold these reels until you get a third. 



1. How does the slot Hold Feature work?
The slot Hold Feature will allow you to stop certain reels from spinning. However, you only have a limited number of holds and sometimes, they even expire after a certain number of spins.
2. What is the best slot machine with Hold?
That really depends on your taste. Some players might find a certain fruit machine with Hold brilliant, while some other players might find the same game boring. We recommend you take your time and try out as many games from our list as possible until you find the perfect one for you.
3. Is a fruit machine with Hold profitable?
Yes, any fruit machine with Hold can be an extremely profitable affair, especially because you practically get to choose your own winning combinations.
4. Can I play a slot machine with Hold on my mobile?
Yes, slot machines with Hold can also be enjoyed on your mobile phone. Check out our Mobile Slots page for a full list of such slots.
5. Can I play slots with Hold Feature for free?
Yes, slots with Hold Feature can be played for free for as long as you prefer. However, once you get the hang of a particular slot and wish to upgrade your gaming experience, we suggest giving real money slots a chance as well.