Slots with Reel Respins

Slots with reel respins are relatively new on the market. They’re highly favored by gamblers because they offer that second chance at a winning combo everyone’s been craving. You can find some of the most popular slots with reels respins right here on SlotsMate, including Story of Hercules by Spinomenal or Drago Jewels of Fortune by Pragmatic Play

Below, you will find all the slots with reel respins currently available on SlotsMate. You can sort the list as per your preferences. You can sort by newest slots or by the most popular ones.

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The reel respins feature is the developers’ way of giving the players a second chance. We’ve all known the frustration of missing a huge payout by one single symbol. So now, with the respins slots, we get a second chance to make that win happen. 

Video slots that come with this feature don’t play out any differently. You’ll still have to place your bets, spin the reels and maybe use that Autoplay feature in case you get bored. But the difference comes after the very first spin. You will see a tiny “Respin” button at the bottom of each reel. You can click this button to re-spin that reel alone and hope to get a win.

Reel Respins Slotland Entertainment Reel Riot




As previously mentioned, you can choose whether to respin a reel after any regular spin. When that happens, the rest of the reels will stay locked in place while the one you chose will start spinning. When the rotation ends, you will get a prize and have the possibility to spin again. 

But there’s a catch. 

These re-spins come with a price. You’ll see the cost of every respin next to each available button and this cost will vary depending on a few factors such as the potential payout. For example, if you have 4 identical symbols on the reels and want to get a payout for a five-of-a-kind, you’ll most likely be charged a greater price for the fifth.




Because it’s fun and exciting. And because the variable pricing will actually make you stop and think for a second. Would you be willing to take the chance and respin for that impressive jackpot over and over again? Or would you rather save your money and spin as you normally would?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this feature is encountered more often in the highly volatile slots. These action-packed games will become even more thrilling when, after every spin, you’ll have the chance to respin again and again in hopes for a huge jackpot. 

So if you’d rather take a safe approach to video slots and not take any risks, the slot machines with respins will not be a great choice for you. But if you’re eager to get some adrenaline pumping, we’d definitely recommend you try this experience at least once.


1. How do reel respins work?
The reels respins are a buyable feature in some slots. After every spin, you will be able to select which other reel to respin at a price. The price depends on the potential payout so the bigger this is, the more you’ll pay for your respin.
2. Where can I play the best slot machine that has respins?
Each slot machine that has respins on this list has been “vouched for” by real punters just like you. But that’s a matter of taste so we recommend trying out as many as you can before settling for one.
3. Are respins slots profitable?
Yes, the respins slots can be extremely profitable. That’s because there’s always a possibility your next respin will hit that huge jackpot.
4. Can I play slot machines with respins on my mobile?
Yes, slot machines with respins can also be enjoyed on your mobile phone. Check out our Mobile Slots page for a full list of such slots.
5. Can I play slots with reel respins for free?
Yes, slots with reel respins can be played for free for as long as you prefer. However, once you get the hang of a particular slot and wish to upgrade your gaming experience, we suggest giving real money slots a chance as well.