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Game info

Sep 7, 2021

Slot overview

Khushboo Sheth
Reviewed by Khushboo Sheth
Apr 26, 2022

Spearhead Studios Muertitos Video Bingo Overview

Is it a slot? Or is it a bingo title? Would you believe that online video bingo has become as entertaining as online slot machines? It has become identically convenient to play and tinted with a theme portraying the Mexican festivity, the Day of the Dead! Believe it or not, Spearhead Studios, one of the leading igaming developers of contemporary time, has brought such a spooky treat on the screen with its Muertitos Video Bingo game.

In place of a conventional reel set, the Muertitos Video Bingo machine keeps 4 cards of numbers on the screen, and 15 different number combinations are present to endow winnings that can climb as high as 18,000x your wagered amount. The game is far from all superfluity of in-built bonus rounds or features. But the astounding gaming visuals and the glee of perceiving a constant influx of random number combinations are enough to make you stick before the gaming screen for extensive hours. 

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muertitos video bingo

How to Play the Muertitos Video Bingo Game

The entire setting of the Muertitos Video Bingo game is settled inside of a Mexican graveyard, right on the grave of someone. The woman around whom the numbers arrive on-screen is dressed as Mexicans traditionally do on the day of this festival. The dancing flames of the candles, pages of a book, and the violet sky before the shadows of a church have formed the visuals, even more, matching its theme. Besides, one shouldn't fail to notice the golden coins kept between the candles in this free slot title

While you play Muertitos Video Bingo online free, you will notice that this title comprises 4 cards, one of which needs to be chosen. Besides, the betting range for each card is extended from 0.05 coins to 25.00 coins. You only need to click on the spin button, and 30 different numbers will appear around the woman moving her eyes frequently. This title also envelops an Autoplay option that allows players to enjoy 5 to 100 and infinite gambling rounds successively.

Furthermore, the high volatility and 95.94% RTP it possesses should be highlighted before everything else.

Muertitos Video Bingo Game Features 

  • The Theme from Mexican Lands: Play Muertitos Video Bingo game free, knowing that this title is curved with the Day of the Dead theme, a very popular festival in Mexico. The gaming setup inside a cemetery, the flaming candles on the chest of a grave, and the woman dressed in the traditional attire apt to this festivity – all such elements indicate the same theme. Furthermore, the Muertitos Video Bingo game has become even more appealing visually because of the amalgamation of graphical details and animation it contains. 
  • Special Symbols: Free Muertitos Video Bingo game is a video slot only because it showcases a theme and gaming setup fairly identical to slot machines. Spearhead Studios has designed it, keeping the interest of slot-loving bingo players in mind. But, in reality, it's nothing more than a video poker game. The game is based on 4 card options and randomly chosen numbers. Hence, there are no special or general slot symbols.

muertitos video bingo paytable

Muertitos Video Bingo Game Bonus Rounds 

The fact held for the special symbols of the Muertitos Video Bingo free game is also quite valid for the topic of bonus rounds. Because of being a bingo title by its core nature, the Muertitos Video Bingo game doesn't feature any attached bonus games or features. Hence, all your attention will always remain on the central gameplay, which is entertaining and more profitable if you consider it in a way. Maybe, the only possible additional feature would be purchasing more balls.

muertitos video bingo rules

Play Muertitos Video Bingo on Mobile 

This Spearhead Studios title is among the mobile slots naturally intuitive in mobile phones of all the popular operating systems. That’s the reason your bingo gaming session will always remain at your side, regardless of whether you are near your computer or not.

Play Muertitos Video Bingo for Real Money

Along with the free demo mode, the real money version of the Muertitos Video Bingo game is present in our collection of real money slots. So, why don’t you access it from there and enjoy it through leading online casinos for real?

Muertitos Video Bingo FAQ

Who is the developer of the Muertitos Video Bingo game?
Muertitos Video Bingo has arrived from the pocket of Spearhead Studios, a prominent igaming software developer.
What is the betting range of Muertitos Video Bingo?
The betting range for each Muertitos Video Bingo game card is extensive, from 0.05 coins to 25.00 coins.
What is the RTP and volatility level of Muertitos Video Bingo?
Muertitos Video Bingo game is defined with a 95.94% RTP ratio and high volatility levels.