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Here on our page dedicated to random Wild slot machines, you will find a wide selection of games that we update on a regular basis. We like to bring you the newest random Wilds slots - you’ll find something fresh any time you visit this page. You don’t need to register an account or share any personal info to play them. Just choose your favorite slot and start spinning instantly!

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While regular Wilds are “set in stone” from the beginning of the game, random Wilds are not. Instead, they will show up unannounced on the reels. This mechanic is used by developers to add a bit of extra excitement to the game and help you win big, especially when you land more random Wilds in the same spin.

It’s important to note that many of the major developers offer random Wild slot machines. Developers such as NetEnt, Rival, Microgaming or Yggdrasil Gaming offer these special features, especially in high volatility slots that already have a couple of other goodies such as expanding Wilds, stacked Wilds or even regular Wilds as well.


As it’s the case with any special feature, you will encounter these random Wilds most likely during Free Spins. It’s very rare to find random Wild slot machines that offer this feature during the base game. This means you probably won’t get them in 2 clicks.

Because of where they show up, the random Wilds are not often featured in classic slots. So if you want to catch some random Wilds, you will have to choose 3D slots or video slots. Sure, the classic ones have their appeal but if you want more complex features, they’re not the place to go.


We can’t say for sure. And that’s because the payout varies from one developer to another - generally speaking, they pay more than the regular Wilds. And think about it - it does make sense since they appear less often in the random Wild slot machines. 

When landing random Wilds, a few different things might happen. They might turn other icons into Wilds, offering you a bigger cashout as a result. Some other times, they will turn entire reels Wild and either offer you a free spin or simply a bigger payout. The really exciting thing about this feature is that it can happen on literally any spin. You’ll never know if your first or 10th spin will be the lucky one.


Random Wilds are something that can easily be enjoyed when playing online slots for fun. But if you want to take the leap and start playing for (and winning) actual cash, you can head over to our Real Money Slots page and check out all the online casinos on our selection. 

You will also be able to see ratings granted by actual players just like you, information on bonuses and a list of software providers to power them. So what are you waiting for? Check out all the Random Wilds Slots and spin to win!



1. How do Random Wilds work?
As the name suggests, these Wilds will show up randomly on the reels. This might appear after every spin and often during Free Spins.
2. Why are they called “Random Wilds”?
They are called Random Wilds because you never know when they might land. These are different from the regular Wilds and you won’t encounter them that often.
3. Are the random Wilds slots profitable?
Yes, random Wilds slots can be extremely profitable. That’s due to their rarity and bigger payout values.
4. Can I play random Wilds slots on my mobile?
Yes, random Wilds slots can also be enjoyed on your mobile phone. Check out our Mobile Slots page for a full list of such slots.
5. Can I play random Wilds slots for free?
Yes, random Wilds slots can be played for free for as long as you prefer. However, once you get the hang of a particular slot and wish to upgrade your gaming experience, we suggest giving real money slots a chance as well.