Progressive Diamond Jackpot

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Jan 1, 2009

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Betsoft Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slot Overview
Progressive Diamond Jackpot is a slot game released by Betsoft in 2009. The game is a pretty classic and simple to play fruit machine themed slot that comes with a twist: a progressive jackpot. You will feel as though you’ve just walked through the doors of a brick and mortar casino in Vegas and have sat down to give an old-school one-armed bandit a couple of spins.

With the help of the classic graphics with diamonds, red sevens, BARs and cherries and the sound effects that are chosen to be perfect for the theme, you might start to expect to see coins falling from your computer or phone because the experience is that realistic. If you want to try some other great Betsoft tiles, give Total Overdrive or Triple Crown a shot.
BetSoft Progressive Diamond JackpotHow to Play the Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slot
Progressive Diamond Jackpot has a minimalistic grid of 3 reels and 1 payline featuring an RTP of 96%. Wager customization can be done either by selecting the values on the left side from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00 for each spin or simply use the Bet Max button to place the maximum wager at once. The wagers are budget-friendly and casual players or spinners who are on tighter budgets can use this game for long and fun spinning sessions without a lot of financial demands or too much risk of ruining their budgets.
Progressive Diamond JackpotProgressive Diamond Jackpot Online Slot Features

  • Theme - Fruit slot machines are very popular even today thanks to their vibrant graphics and simple gameplay. They are easy to understand and master even by beginners who are just taking their first steps into the gambling world. There is no intricate feature that you need to learn how to use and usually the wager values are fit for most pocket sizes. With all these great ingredients for success, we can expect that the demand for fruit slots machines will stay just the same or they might even get more popular.
  • Audio - The sounds are as old school as they can get and each spin will be accompanied by the traditional mix of slot machine jingles and whistles that completes the whole theme, spicing it up and reminding nostalgics of the machines found in pubs or brick and mortar casinos.
  • Graphics - The graphics are simple and they will remind you of old-school bar arcade games. Everything is bold and colourful with some neon-like vibrant effects here and there. The whole design is done so great and feels so authentic that you can almost feel the buttons under your fingers as if you were playing it in a land-based casino in Vegas.

Progressive Diamond Jackpot SlotProgressive Diamond Jackpot Slot Bonus Features
Progressive Diamond Jackpot, like many other retro-inspired slot machines, offers a very straight-forward, hardcore gameplay without intricate features and bonus rounds. This will appeal either to veterans who will enjoy a simple game and remember the days when slots were just that, pure spinning fun, or to beginners who are just making their first steps into the slot world and can use the low wagers and uncomplicated rules to make their first couple of spins. There is one bonus feature here though. Great wins can be achieved, however, thanks to the Progressive Jackpot. In order to be able to claim it, you need to play with the maximum wager available and manage to land three shining diamonds simultaneously on the reels.

Play Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slot Machine on Mobile
Surprisingly, Progressive Diamond Jackpot is a lot more modern than you might think. It uses Flash technology so all devices will be able to run this game with no problems. Try it as a mobile slot game and enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet whenever you want.

Play Progressive Diamond Jackpot Slot Game for Real Money
Progressive Diamond Jackpot is a great game for both nostalgic veterans and beginners. You can play it for free on SlotsMate in demo mode if you want to practice and see if you like it, but if you want a real chance of winning the progressive jackpot you will need to play it for real money at one of the online casinos in our Real Money Slots section.