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Feb 13, 2020

Game overview

BetSoft Total Overdrive Slot Overview
Total Overdrive is an online slot from BetSoft that serves up a dose of 80s sci-fi nostalgia. Sporting neon-style theming and a funky soundtrack, the slot is effortlessly cool and very appealing indeed. Its main special feature is all to do with multipliers that can boost your winnings considerably. If you enjoy slots with multipliers, Total Overdrive could well be the slot for you!

Betsoft Total Overdrive Slot Reels
How To Play The Total Overdrive Slot
To play Total Overdrive, first you need to place your bet. Along the bottom of the screen are some bet values. Use the plus and minus buttons to scroll through the options, which range from 0.05 to 10.00, until the one you want is displayed. Hit the large cream-colored button with two arrows on it to spin the reels. If you want the slot to spin the reels for you, hit the smaller button that shows a triangle surrounded by arrows. Select a number of spins and a cost for each spin, then hit ‘START AUTO’ to turn autoplay on. The slot has quite a high RTP of 96.92%, which is higher than lots of other online slots.

Betsoft Total Overdrive Slot Paytable
Total Overdrive Slot Features

  • Neon Theme. Total Overdrive is one of many online slots to have a neon theme. It has an 80s-style vibe to it and has striking bright visuals. The foreground is made up of a large neon-pink grid, with towering city buildings and a black sky filled with stars in the background. The slot’s partly inspired by classic fruit machines, featuring a smaller gaming grid and symbols that commonly feature on fruit machines.
  • 5 Paylines. The slot’s played on a 3x3 grid and has just five paylines that you can win on. These paylines are covered by all bets. To win, you simply need to have three matching symbols land on a payline.
  • Symbols. The slot’s symbols include three neon-themed BAR symbols (single, double and treble), along with a neon-themed bell, diamond and a pair of cherries. Then there’s a sunset-colored number 7 and three 7s in front of a sun - this last symbol is the most valuable, giving you a payout worth 50x your bet for filling a payline with three. As well as being paid for three matching symbols on a payline, you get paid for landing combinations of any three BAR symbols on a payline. There’s also a wild, which substitutes for all other symbols and offers 50x payouts for filling a payline with it.

Betsoft Total Overdrive Slot Bonus Features
Total Overdrive Bonus Features

  • Overdrive Multiplier. When you start playing Total Overdrive, there’s a x1 multiplier in effect. All winning spins increase the multiplier by x1 and all non-winning spins reset it to x1. The more consecutive winning spins there are, the higher the multiplier gets. In fact, there’s no limit to how high it can get.
  • Sticky Multiplier. Every time you win, there’s a chance of a sticky multiplier being awarded.  This multiplier stays where it is for the next eight spins, regardless of whether they’re winning or non-winning spins. The value on the sticky multiplier doesn’t decrease on non-winning spins; it either stays as it is or increases.

Play Total Overdrive For Real Money
Total Overdrive is an eye-catching slot with a cool neon theme. When playing this slot, it’s all about earning multipliers to boost the value of your wins. Have a go at this slot with real money and you could be in for some huge payouts if you’re lucky enough to land lots of consecutive wins.