Free Science Fiction Theme Slots

The sci-fi craze started in the 50s and 60s with those B-grade movies we all know and love. Weird alien monsters, UFOs, time travel and robots, these are all the ingredients that make a sci-fi movie great. But because it’s such a fascinating theme, sci-fi has transcended movies and pop culture and entered the world of online slots. 

So if you were looking for some of the best sci-fi slots, you’re in the right place. On SlotsMate, we put together a list with the most fun science fiction slots you can find. You can sort then by Newest or by Most Popular, as per your preference.

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What Defines a Science Fiction Slot

Science Fiction is a complex theme to explore. And that’s great because it provides so many elements that devs can turn into amazing games. The most popular elements are, of course, aliens. But more and more studios compete to reinvent the theme and add original twists to these classic elements. 

We’ve seen great sci-fi slots built around time travel, with characters struggling to return to their timelines. Some other slots borrow heavily from the cyberpunk aesthetic, while some others straight up made famous scientists (like Einstein or Newton) their main characters. 

Sci-fi Slots Developers

You’ll be surprised to see that no big names made it on this list. The veterans usually like to stick with the classics, while the newer studios are the ones taking more risks. They have something to prove and they’re trying to do it with originality and modern twists and features. And that’s great because we always love seeing new devs making a name for themselves with their unique games. 

A great example would be Spearhead Studios, a small iGaming company from Spain. Their slots have that fresh and modern look that we really appreciate. They’re closely followed by names such as BetSoft and Mancala Gaming

Best Science Fiction Slots

The best sci-fi slots are beautiful enough to grab your attention and fun enough to keep you engaged. That being said, these sci-fi slots have been voted to the top by our users and we’re sure you will enjoy them too.

The Neon Samurai: Kawa by Spearhead Studios

Wake up, samurai, we have a bet to place! The Neon Samurai: Kawa is inspired by the cyberpunk theme. The visuals feature a darker color palette, with only the neon lights of the background buildings lighting things up. You get some great features such as Scatters, Wilds and Free Spins to make things even more exciting. 


The Neon Samurai: Kawa


Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time by BetSoft

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time is one of those rare slots that also come with a backstory. You’ll be playing as Miles himself as he tries to uncover the mystery of the Gears of Time. It’s a cascading reels slot that comes with Free Spins, Charged Wilds and symbol clusters that explode to award you with impressive wins. 


Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time


Zero Day by Mancala Gaming

Zero Day impresses first with its graphics. Once it hooks you in with its well-designed characters and world, it will keep you engaged with its incredibly fun gameplay and features. You have a skull Wild symbol, an increasing multiplier and a Bonus Game that will have you winning impressive cash prizes. 


Zero Day


Why Play Sci-fi Themed Slots?

Sci-fi themed slots are among the most fun iGames you can play. The theme itself allows for maximum creativity for the devs, which in turn offer you stunning visual experiences and engaging mechanics. You can play all of the science fiction slots on this page for free. And once you fall in love with a specific one, you’re more than welcome to enhance your experience in our Real Money Slots section.