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Jun 10, 2019

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BetSoft Spinfinity Man Slot Overview
BetSoft is back with another incredible slot machine named Spinfinity Man. Superheroes themes are very popular and if they are done right, they can be really fun and rewarding to play.
The graphics are absolutely incredible as expected from BetSoft producers. Not only that Spinfinity fights villains, but he also brings the spinners a series of bonus features and entertaining gameplay. If you want to see more slots with incredible graphics, you definitely have to check Ogre Empire and Fire And Steel from the same provider.

Spinfinity Man Game Review Main Screen
How to Play the Spinfinity Man Slot
Spinfinity Man slot machine comes with a massive gaming grid of seven reels and seven rows with 49 paylines and an RTP of 95.80%. Having this unusual grid, you have to land at least four symbols in a combination instead of the common three to get a prize. Since the payments are made in clusters, you can only select the bet values from a minimum of 0.10 to a maximum of 10,00 for each spin. An autoplay feature is available and is useful when you get tired of fighting all the evildoers.

Spinfinity Man Slot Game Paytable
Spinfinity Man Online Slot Features

  • Theme. The superhero theme of Spinfinity Man is quite appealing and backed up by nice graphics it just makes one incredibly fun casino game to play.
  • Audio. An epic soundtrack is prepared to awaken any kind of superpowers in you and prepare you to fight the villains.
  • Graphics. The overall aspect is quite admirable with excellent effects and unique 3D animations which allows the spinner to enjoy a full experience.

Spinfinity Man Slot Game Reels Winning
Spinfinity Man Slot Bonus Rounds
Winning combinations explode making room for other symbols to take their place and possibly lead to consecutive winnings. When Spinfinity Man appears on the reels, one of his five superpowers is activated. The powers are: 

  • Telepathy - Removes all the symbols of a single type on the reels.
  • Ice Blast - Destroys an area, the symbols around him on a distance of one cell.
  • Double Icy Blast - burns 2 consecutive columns and 2 consecutive rows
  • Lesser Eye Beam - Burns away two consecutive rows or two consecutive columns starting from the place where he appears.
  • Double Lesser Eye Beam - Burns away two consecutive rows and two consecutive columns starting from where he appears.

The Fan Girl Fame Feature is a meter. Whenever a win explodes in the base games, the fangirl gets more excited. When 5 clusters explode, or more, the feature is triggered. A random number of symbols from the reels explode and instantly award their value.

The Catch Mr X Feature brings the Villain Trail. Whenever Mr X appears on the reels and disappears he makes a lot of room for other symbols to drop on the reels. If you manage to complete the Villain Trail, the Free Spins feature is activated. Everything changes during the free spins as you go mano-a-mano with Mr X himself. For Villain Trail 10 free rounds are awarded and during these rounds, Spinfinity Man is replaced by Mr X symbols triggering another five super combos:

  • Lesser Arm Cannon - Burns away 2 rows or 2 columns similar to the Lesser Eye Beam Feature.
  • Super Arm Cannon - Burns away 2 rows and 2 columns from where it appears
  • Destruction Bomb - Blow up an area around Mr X on a distance of 1 cell.
  • Devastation Bomb - Just like the above but burns 2 cells instead of one.
  • The X-Ray - Zaps all the symbols of a kind on the reels.

Play Spinfinity Man Slot Machine on Mobile
Spinfinity Man can catch prizes like a true slot hero on both Desktop and mobile devices. You can enjoy the same wonderful graphics directly in your device web browser without having to download or install anything. There is no difference in functionality.

Play Spinfinity Man Slot Game for Real Money
Spinfinity Man will let you play this mobile slot for free with the initial demo balance and you will feel like a superhero. If you want to win real cash prizes check out the online casinos in our Real Money Slots section.