Inferno Joker

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Sep 12, 2019
HTML5, Flash

Game overview

Inferno Joker

Inferno Joker Slot Game Main Screen

Slot machines and fruits- quite a strange combination, is it not? Well, the maker of Inferno Joker, Play n Go, takes you through a fruity journey through the slots, helping you make your earnings with very low investments. This video slot has five reels, three rows, and five pay lines. With an RTP of 96.38%, this game is something to watch out for! 

Quite similar to other Play n Go slots like Cash Pump, Demon, Mission Cash, Hugos Adventure, Rise of Dead and others, Inferno Joker delivers a power-packed performance and is worth playing with real money! 

How to Play Inferno Joker

Inferno Joker Slot Game Wild Symbol

This is a rather simple game with easy rules. The reels are comprised of fruits like cherries, watermelons, plums, lemons, and the likes. The Joker is the most rewarding symbol among the lot. It has the capacity of actually turning into the Inferno Joker symbols. The gameplay is mostly based on wild symbols and scatter symbols. Each reel actually has a total of 3 symbols. You can start as low as 5p and go on a winning spree. Here are some exciting ideas to keep in mind while playing the game: 

  • Inferno Joker re-spin

This is a special feature, incorporated to benefit the user. This feature gets activated when the Inferno Joker symbol lands on the middle reel or the third reel. It triggers the re-spin feature in this slot game. All reels, at this point, have a Joker symbol on them.

  • Inferno Joker symbol

Once the Joker re-spin feature is activated in the game, all the symbols turn into the Inferno Joker symbol. While each of these reels goes for a re-spin, once a Joker lands on any one of them, the reel is made to spin again. This process continues till a time when no more Joker symbols are available or all have an Inferno Joker Scatter on them.

If you manage to collect the Inferno Joker Scatter symbol in groups of 3, 4 or 5, you can get 25, 75, or 500 times the total stake you held in the game. And in the situation that all the reels have the Inferno Jokers, your winnings expand to a multiple of 2500 times the initial bet. 

Inferno Joker Slot Game Features

Inferno Joker Slot Game Scatter

The Inferno Joker slot game actually goes ahead and removes all wild symbols for a different kind of gaming experience. This is more dependent on the scatter symbols. 

  • Re-spin feature

This is the most important part of the Inferno Joker slot game. When does this come into action, you might ask? When a scatter symbol comes on to the middle reel or the third reel, this feature is activated. In that situation, this reel gets locked for a period during the course of the game. The other reels, however, can still be played with. 

Similarly, every reel that gets the Joker symbol gets locked while the others are still in motion. This continues till all the reels are locked the symbol changes to an Inferno Joker symbol. This is a continuous process.

  • Classic gamble feature 

This is the next important feature in this online slot machine game. The idea is simple. You would be asked to choose a color before the next spin. If you are right with your choice, your winnings could multiply heavily. But the stakes are pretty high at this point. 

The right guess or selection could double your profit while the wrong one could take everything away from you. In other words, you lose all the money you made. You could put this feature in action for about 5 times during the course of the game. 

  • Theme

The theme of this slot machine is a very new, innovative and interesting one. It has a classic fruit-based theme where all the symbols are based on different fruits. Each of the reels resembles a fruit like cherry, lemon, watermelon, and the likes. When the wild symbols are removed, this game becomes a very old fashioned fruit machine slot with a twist! 

Inferno Joker Bonus
When an Inferno Joker lands on the third reel, this reel will stay at its place but the other reels will start spinning again. In the process, if a joker ends up landing on other reels during the re-spin, it will transform into an Inferno Joker and spin the reels again. This will keep on happening until there are no more jokers or Inferno Joker has landed on every reel.

Inferno Joker Mobile Version
If you are worried about always having to look for a computer to play this fruit machine slot game, then fret not! This game can be played across all computer devices and handheld devices, as it also comes in mobile slot format. The pictures, graphics and audio components are crisp enough to be played across all these machines. 

Play Inferno Joker For Real Money 
Inferno Joker slot machine game gives you the flexibility to make any sort of wager to get yourself started. You could start playing for real money for an amount as low as €0.05 and take your bets to as high as €100. The payout percentage is accounted for at 96.38%, as previously mentioned, so you have a chance to win big!