Free Fairytale Theme Slots

Everyone likes a good fairytale. And really, what better way to escape daily stress than a journey into a land of magic? Gone are the days when fairytales were just a kids’ thing. Now adults can sprinkle a bit of magic dust on their lives with some fairytale themed slots. 

And when it comes to these types of slots, you will have plenty to choose from. There is something magnetic about these games and developers know that. Fairytale slots are so visually stunning that it’s not hard to see why gamblers love them. And to add to the charm, the features and wins are also magical. 

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What Defines a Fairytale Theme Slot

Fairytale themed slots are not limited to, well, fairies. This theme is so broad that you will see plenty of variations. There are slots based on magic, while others choose to have a medieval theme. Some revolve around mythical gods and creatures. And some have witches and wizards as the main characters.

The symbols are quite what you’d expect from such slots. Sure, you will often see the classic playing cards. But along with these, you will see some special Wilds and Scatters as well. More often than not, fairytale themed slots come with bonus rounds triggered by a special bonus icon. This one is usually different from the Wilds and Scatters. 

Fairytale Theme Slots Developers

All slots developers have a few fairytale theme slots in their catalogues. But some of them are a bit better at making these games. Two good examples of such developers are NetEnt and MicroGaming. While we’ve seen good fairytale slots from other developers, these two just have that edge that makes them the best. 

NetEnt’s unique graphic style and their passion for the theme are the perfect ingredients for a great fairytale slot. When you choose to spin the reels on a NetEnt slot, you can be sure you’re in for quite the ride. 

MicroGaming is one of the most respected developers in the industry. And it’s not hard to see why. Their gameplay mechanics and jackpots are more than enough to entice any gambler. So when they combine these qualities with a fairy theme, the results are stunning.

Best Fairytale Theme Slots

In case you wanted to get into fairytale themed slots and didn’t know where to begin, we have some recommendations. All of these slots have been voted by our users as the best in the category. So no matter which one you choose, you can be sure your experience is going to be top-notch.

Butterfly Staxx 2 by NetEnt

Butterfly Staxx 2 might not appeal to everyone at first. The girly fantasy theme will probably put off many gamblers. But if you do decide to give it a chance, you’ll get some amazing features as a reward. We’re talking Free Spins, Bonus Games, a great RTP of 96% and the chance to start your virtual butterfly collection. And these butterflies do pay well. 

Fairytale Theme Slots Butterfly Staxx 2 Slot Game

Robin of Sherwood by MicroGaming

Robin of Sherwood is MicroGaming’s own reinterpretation of Robin Hood. In this tale, Robin of Sherwood steals from the rich and gives everything to you. The cartoonish graphics are so charming that you’ll feel you’re in a Disney movie. And the features are also great. You will enjoy some Free Spins, a Bonus Round, different types of Wilds and no less than 243 paylines. This means you get even more chances to win!

Fairytale Theme Slots Robin of Sherwood Slot Game

Adventures in Wonderland by Playtech

What’s more fun than a trip in the land of the Red Queen? So jump down Playtech’s rabbit hole and enjoy some great wins. All your old friends will be there for you - Alice, the Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter himself! Besides the whimsical visuals, you’ll get to enjoy a series of fun mini-games, different bonuses and Free Spins.

Fairytale Theme Slots Adventures in Wonderland Slot Game

Why You Should Play Fairytale Themed Slots

Fairytale themed slots offer developers creative freedom that no other theme does. If you think about it, anything can be turned into a fairytale if you have imagination. These types of games allow us to escape into a fantastical land of magic and fairies - and when you combine that with the thrill of a huge win, you get the perfect slot combination. 

You’re free to try out any fairytale themed slots from our list. And once you find one that catches your eye, you can upgrade your experience in our Real Money Slots section. So what are you waiting for? Jump into your favorite fairytale and make some wins!