Free Fire Theme Slots

Out of the four elements, fire is the most fascinating. It has the power to both destroy and create and it has been thought to have purifying properties since the beginning of time. But you have nothing to fear from these fiery hot slots because the only thing they’ll burn is your bad luck. Because you’ll just be landing hot win after hot win. 

If you’re ready to play with fire, we have just the right thing for you. This page compiles all the fire themed slots on our website. You can sort them by Newest or by Most Popular, as per your preference. So let’s not waste any more time and start this fire!

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What Defines a Fire Slot?

These slots are definitely on fire - both figuratively and literally. If you have a good eye for details, you might have noticed that almost every slot has some kind of fire symbol. But most of these burning icons will show up in iGames centered around magic and horror themes. Sometimes, you might even see them in nature-themed slots.

Fire is always a symbol of good luck and good fortune when it comes to slots. It will usually surround a very high paying symbol that might even trigger a special feature. When it comes to graphics and animations, these are always improved by the presence of fire - there’s nothing more badass than a winning combination going up in flames. 

Fire Slots Developers

There are a few online fire slot developers that caught our eye. With 15 years of industry experience, Felix Gaming managed to put out some quality fire slots over the years. Sure, they’re not a name you hear very often, but we encourage you to give them a chance. It’s so worth it!

Inspired is another studio that impressed us. They have offices in over 35 countries worldwide and always strive to offer quality, in both graphics and gameplay features. And last but not least, Booming Games also deserves an honorable mention - their fire themed online slots will always have you coming back for more. 

Best Fire Themed Slots

For your gambling pleasure, we’ve put together a Top 3 of the best fire slots you can play on SlotsMate. We picked these based on player votes, features and payout rates.

Dark Mystic by Felix Gaming

Dark Mystic is a fire slot that will take you to fantastical land of witches and dragons. You will have to fight alongside the fire witches to conquer the riches hidden by the dragon. Sounds like a hard task? Don’t worry, you will have some tricks up your sleeve. The Wild will substitute for any other symbol, while the reel refills will make sure the dragon won’t even notice when you steal its treasure!


Fire Theme Slots Dark Mystic


Fire Goddess by Inspired

Fire Goddess won’t impress with its graphics. They’re simple and old-school, not overly embellished and flashy. But the features will surely have you coming back for more. You have a hot Wild on the reels, the Goddess herself is the Scatter and if she takes a liking to you, she might just award you with 30 free spins


Fire Theme Slots Fire Goddess


Devil’s Heart by Booming Games

Do you think you can be the one to win the Devil’s Heart? Make no mistake, these hot devils have cold hearts and even colder tempers. But if you play your cards right, you might just leave with some cash. You have a fiery Wild to help you, a red heart Scatter and interacting symbols that will award you with some impressive wins. 


Devils Heart


Why Play Fire Themed Slots?

Online fire slots will warm your heart, soul and… wallet. These blazing hot games are usually highly volatile and have great RTP rates - you’ll be enjoying both the thrill and the cash that such slots offer. And if you find a fire slot that you just can’t stop playing, we recommend you head over to our Real Money Slots section and enhance your experience.