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Game info

Sep 14, 2021

Slot overview

Khushboo Sheth
Reviewed by Khushboo Sheth
Oct 07, 2021

Swintt Samurai Blade Slot Overview 

The first thing that crosses your mind when you think of the Japanese military is Samurai. They have been around for a long time, and they instill in many intrigues even today. Did you know their sword blades were treated with different colors? Through oxidation, each of these sword blades got a distinct color. 

This not just gave a distinct style but also carried different weightage in the samurai community. Swintt, the game developer, has created a 3-reel, 1 pay-line video slot of Samurai Blade as a tribute to this mystifying class of nobility.  

This is an Asian-themed game from Swintt, who have also created other titles like Swintt Panda Warrior, Swintt Golden Dragon, and more. This free slot game to play online special is how the game developers have used the symbols and pay.  

samurai blade reels

How to Play the Samurai Blade Slot Game 

The Katana sword of the Samurai class has been so inspiring to the game developer that they have designed an entire game.  

Betting on this brand new slot game is easy, and it is just from $0.01 and goes up to $5.00. You can even bet multipliers ranging from x1 to x3. Did we also say that you can add more spunk to this free casino slot machine to play online with the Autoplay option. 

Set the limit of Autoplay from 10 to 25, to 50, or even to 100. Don’t miss the Turbo Spin mode if you want the reels to spin fast. 

samurai blade paytable

Samurai Blade Slot Machine Features 

  • Super Design and Effects: This mobile-friendly slot opens to what we assume is the snowy outdoors of Japan, where the Samurai warriors are camping. The reel is uncomplicated in design. We also see Sakura or cherry blossom flower petals falling on the screen, adding a touch of beauty to the overall reel. There is no background music, and we are slightly disappointed at that.  
  • Special Symbols: The Wild symbol has Wild written on it, and they pay 1000 coins if you get 3 in a row. Wilds substitute for all the other symbols in this free online slot game to play now. However, watch it out when 2 of them appear on the reels because it can pay well.  
  • Regular Symbols: There are warrior helmets in different colors of red, white, blue, and blue, white, and red Katana swords. Any White, Any Blue, and Any Red pay 20 coins. Any Sword in three different colors all reward 5 coins. Any 1 Wild can pay you 2, and 2 Wilds can pay you 5.  

samurai blade features

Samurai Blade Slot Game Bonus Rounds 

Check for the Wild because it will substitute all symbols. When you get 2 of it, expect a 5 coins payout and expect a double-winning combination. When you get 2 Wilds, come along with any other regular symbol except 4 times the amount payout. But if 3 Wilds are showing on a pay line in any two pays, then there will not be any multiplier rewards.  

Do you know that you can also get 1 coin as a payout when you get blank reels? This is unique, as is the entire payline. Remember that the game changes its form when selecting the multiplier rewards from 1x, 2x, or 3x. Go for Bet Max as well as Bet multiplier to x3 to ensure the best payout. This will help you get a very high payout. You can go for 1K, 1M, or 1B balance to actively let the Turbo mode and Autoplay play out healthy rewards.  

Play Samurai Blade Slot with Real Money   

The Samurai Blade real money slot is going to take your wit and high-risk-taking abilities. Make sure to bet in multipliers with at least 3x to get a better chance at rewards.

Samurai Blade FAQ

Can I play Samurai Blade for free?
Samurai Blade is available for free from any casino of your choice. Remember to earn big from this game. It is advisable to bet for max and with a higher multiplier for real money.
What RTP does Samurai Blade have?
Samurai Blade has an RTP of 96.48% to 96.61%, which is a fair range depending on the multiplier bets. Make sure to bet wisely and use all the means to reach a better payout.
Does the Samurai Blade feature a progressive jackpot?
Samurai Blade does not possess a progressive jackpot, but yes, there are ways to increase your payout by opting for a 3x bet multiplier.